South Holston & San Juan Fly Rods

Region Fishing offers two types of high-quality freshwater fly rods. Both styles are manufactured with quality in mind and undergo a three-step quality control process that ensures your rod will be perfect from the day you receive it.

  • The South Holston is a medium-fast rod, that you will not out-grow. Even expert fly fisherman love the way the rod casts. The rod has a sling shot feeling when you have performed the perfect cast.
  • The San Juan is our flagship fly rod. With top of the line carbon fiber, components, and finishing, it is a high-performance rod that is comparable to the best rods on the market today. It allows expert anglers to make the long accurate casts to their targets in heavy wind.

To help you determine which rod suites your need please reference the following chart:


Action Experience Level Fishing Purpose Casting Stroke Distance Wind Additional Notes
South Holston Medium-Fast Novice-Advanced General Purpose- Great for Streamers, Nymphs, and Dries Finesse 10'-60' Good - tight loops for wind resistance Guides choice for use with clients.  Handles the majority of all fishing situations
San Juan Fast Intermediate-Advanced General Purpose - Great for larger rivers and lakes where big fish live.  Rod will give you the extra distance and great presentation for dry flies far away.  Also does well with heavy streamers ad heavy nymphing. Powerful 15'-90' Best - Extra tight loops for wind resistance Easier to handle big fish.  5 weight rod has handled trout and salmon up to 25 lbs! 

What Others are Saying:

“I have cast many rods and the Region rods are smooth, accurate, and are light in the hand.  We nymphed, threw dry dropper and even streamers and the rods handled it with ease.  I enjoyed fishing these rods.  Good quality and a value at the price!” Andy Stutz, Colorado Fly Fishing Guide

“I used both rods on 7 lbs on Monster Brook Trout in Newfoundland and both 5 weights held up to the challenge. Flawless performance.” - Robert

 “I use this South Holston to guide most of my clients.  It is a very forgiving rod and the rod’s action lets the novice client feel the basics of casting and feel the strike and fight of the fish.” – Nick Hixon, Colorado Fly Fishing Guide

“Region asked me to abuse the San Juan rod, so I did, I have caught King and Atlantic Salmon, large rainbows, cutthroats and browns. The have full confidence in the rod and have had a lot of fun with it.  I have fished it for almost 100 days, and it has handled all the abuse.  I can’t wait for their 8 weight to come out.” – Brandon Ross

Read George Sylvestre's Review of the San Juan rod at On the Fly Magazine page 75.