Region Fishing sells some of the most popular fly patterns. They are proven to catch fish! We only sell our favorite fly patterns—the closest thing to a guarantee we can provide.  We are adding to the collection monthly.  Let us know your favorite patterns and we will start selling them.

Mix and Match Any of our flies and get a quantity discount:

 Buy (Total Qty) Discount Individual Price Range
1-6 - $1.29-$2.99
7-12 15% $1.09-$2.54
13-18 30% $0.90-$2.09
19-24 45% $0.71-$1.65
25-30 50% $0.65-$1.50
31+ 55% $0.58-$1.35

Most of the flies are tied on Mustad Signature fly hook which is chemically sharpened with a micro-barb that can be removed easily. It is a superior hook and is the best value on fly hooks!

57 Flies Andy Stutz's Colorado Exclusive Trout Flies Set
Fly Assortments

10 products

Walt's Sexy Worm Jig Fly
Jig Flys

35 products

20 Incher Stone Fly

66 products

Midge Fly Assortment

12 products

Blue Wing Olive Fly
Dry Flies

15 products


11 products

Tenkara Fly Pro Assortment - 26 Count with Silicone Fly Box
Tenkara Flies (Kebari)

16 products

Clouser Minnow Flies

13 products