Region Ambassador - Brandon Ross

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to give everyone a background about myself. I was born and raised in central New York State. My father introduced me to fishing at a young age; On the first of April every year, we would get up before dawn and hit the streams before I went to school. This was how I was introduced to the love of fishing. The thought of the perfect presentation of a dry fly on the water floating and the fish eating the fly is what keeps me fishing.

I'm very lucky to have numerous places to fish in my central region of New York; so, I get to spend lots of time in my home waters. Each year, I plan a few fishing trips to expand my region - I always have one in the Rocky Mountains. I love fishing the streams out west in the Rockies. Trout and Atlantic Salmon are my preferred fish to chase. My dream destinations are Alaska and Iceland to catch Salmon and Trout.

Region Fishing contacted me a few months ago and asked me to try out some of their products. After trying them out, I was "hooked". The 5 weight San Juan Rod has the perfect fast action, I can get the fly where I want it to be and also mend the line perfectly. I put the rod to the test with a 10 lb Atlantic Salmon and it had enough backbone to handle large fish. It is a great rod for small fish too - I can still have a ton of fun catching small brook trout.

I was able to try out the shirts, hat, flies, and fly boxes too. They are all quality products and I use all of them when I'm fishing. Dealing with Region team has been great too, they want opinions and respond whenever I need something. Because of the price and quality of the products, I have chosen to be an Ambassador for Region Fishing. I'm excited for you to try this great equipment.

You can follow me on Instagram @fingerlakesflyfisher and you might even get a sneak peak of upcoming Region equipment.

Pure Joy

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