Winter Fishing Tips

Hi Guys,

So in my home state of Colorado winter is here on some days and not on others! One thing is for sure water temps are cold. Tail waters are going to be your destination this time of year and big trout can be caught, some of my biggest fish come when the weather is nasty due to a drop in fishing pressure. The approach I take when fishing this time of year is when water temperature drops the size of my patterns drop too. You will need to fish small and fish slower presentations. Nymphing will be the key. Egg patterns can still be very effective due to Kokanee Salmon, Browns and Brookies spawning in fall. Side note I fished a yarn egg and a bead on same rig and the yarn tied egg out fished the bead but that’s a different conversation altogether. I always like to lead with my egg on a nymph rig as my attractor pattern. My second fly is usually a grey Rs2 size 18/20 but your favorite midge is a good choice too. Zebra midges, Disco midge, Wd40, blood midge... you definitely can start with bigger midge size 16/18 and if you hook up great but you may need to be in that 18/20 size range.

Remember when nymphing if you aren’t hitting bottom getting moss on your flies or hooking up you aren’t deep enough. Depth is critical more than Fly selection. Someone I respect the most in this Industry said “ I’d rather have the wrong Fly in the right depth than the right fly in the wrong depth.” Yup Dean me too.

The streamer bite can still be on as well but expect it to come to an end when the ice forms on the banks. Egg sucking leaches, buggers and Autumn Splendors worked last week but the temps are getting down right frigid on the western slope.

Frozen rod tips are common this time of year so for you die hards try chapstick or Pam spray to keep tips from freezing. The only thing that I have found that stops freezing tips is hooking up every 5 minutes so good luck with that. Dress warm don’t forget your fingerless gloves go fishing and Happy Thanksgiving.