Robert's Impressions Region's Rods and Reels

South Holston Fly Rod on Big WaterRobert Holt, a good friend of Region, purchased and fished both rods in multiple Regions.  Last season, he fished our fly rods on the Missouri, Green, San Juan, White and Little Red Rivers.  He has expanded his Region to Newfoundland and even pushed the limits of our freshwater reels to the inshore salt! 

He gave us some comments he wanted to share:

 South Holston Fly Rod

Newfoundland Char

Incredible action and balance, ideal dry fly rod, rivers and streams and Stillwaters, enough back bone to manage large fish on light tippet. Dry and dry/dropper was a hot set up for those fish on the surface and just in the foam lines just under the surface. High sticking small nymphs in runs performs incredibly well with the ability to feel the slightest ticks. Very sensitive rod. 


San Juan Fly Rod

Green River Brown Trout

Great nymph and steamer rod and casts the big terrestrials with ease. The power of a six or seven weight with the feel of a five. Perfect rod when your in big fish waters like the White and Little Red, where 20 lbs is always a possibility but still ideal for average fish of 18 - 22 inches and 3 - 5 lbs. Performed incredibly in Newfoundland on the beast brookies in big mouse patterns and articulated streamers. Slinging big streamers with ease and precision. 


Big Sky Reel 

A well balanced and versatile reel, so affordable we lined up four to cover all water conditions. WF five and six for dries, emergers and nymphs, intermediate for top 1/3 of water for streamers of all sizes and full sink for late fall and winter conditions that get down to and handle big, heavy fish. Easy to weight up to six and seven for inshore salt water and flats and fresh water stripers and bass and casts into the backing if range is needed . Handles bigger runs and perfect drag and in fight adjustments that allow a long fight. 

Robert is the Chief Evangelist for  Southern Draw Cigars.  His premium cigars are to be enjoyed with friends and while on a river or boat.

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