Region Ambassador - Andy Stutz

Hey Guys, I just wanted to say I am super excited to be chosen as an Ambassador for Region.I am a guide with Bull Basin Guides and Outfitters and have been a guide in Colorado for almost 2 decades. I see this opportunity as a great way to get fellow outdoors enthusiasts gear that is tested and proven for a fair price.

Fly Fishing is my passion and when I got to see the new Region Rods and fish them I felt like they were up to any task we could think of. The rods cast extremely effortlessly with good distance. The rods are forgiving so a beginner will still be able to cast and grow with these rods. Realistically most fishermen and women will not have too many rods, so when one breaks you want a guarantee that not only will replace your rod for a fair price but get the rod back to you before the season is over. Region is that company.

The Bamboo shirts are so comfortable that you will wear them more than just fishing. For all you hikers and mountain bikers these shirts will be part of your gear going forward. I hope that Region will inspire you to fish more using their flies, rods, reels, fly boxes, lines, tippet,clothing and everything else you need to follow your passion. Go Fishing with Region.

See you on the River,


Andy enjoys his Coors too!

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