Fishing Streamers in the Fall

Hey guys I just wanted to talk about the Fall Streamer bite and some flies and tactics to try. I just received my new Region Streamer box and a great selection of Autumn Splendors, Egg Sucking Leeches and Buggers. These patterns really move well in the current and with a little pop of the rod tip they shoot and fall which is a great trigger for aggressive trout. It is not a new approach but putting your bigger streamer first and then trailing a smaller Bugger or Leech can be the ticket for those bigger Browns in Fall. If you are new to Streamer Fishing do not panic! Be confident and know that as long as the fly is in the current or being stripped at a pace fast enough to keep it moving off the bottom THERE IS NO WRONG WAY TO FISH A STREAMER. Yup I said it! So avoid the Reds, dress warm, and go throw some Region Streamers.

Flip it, strip it, and rip some lips!